With a consolidated annual turnover of 545 million euros (2022), Förch is one of the leading German suppliers of products for trade and industry. The current company headquarters in Neuenstadt am Kocher (Baden-Württemberg) is not far from the former nucleus of the direct sales company. What is the much-cited garage in other industries was the parental barn for founder Theo Förch in 1963. Today, the product range includes more than 100,000 workshop, assembly and fastening items - but Förch has remained 100% a family business for which the human factor and personal contact still play a key role.

Of the current 3,500 employees, 2,000 work in the field alone, providing qualified advice and serving more than 300,000 customers worldwide. In addition, there are now 33 sales locations in Germany. A profound e-commerce strategy completes the multi-channel approach in sales. Foreign business is currently growing particularly strongly and is now on a par with the domestic market. There are already more than 50 country representatives worldwide and 22 dedicated country subsidiaries.

545 million euros turnover worldwide (2022)
22 companies in Europe
Over 50 country offices worldwide
3,500 employees, of which 2,000 are field staff
300,000 customers in trade and industry
100,000 articles for workshop supplies, assembly and fastening

Our service package: Professional range and customised services

We have been a strong partner for trade and industry for 60 years. With our wide range of products in the area of workshop, assembly and fastening materials, we supply our customers in the Wood & Construction, Automotive & Commercial Vehicle and Metal & Building Technology divisions.

We know the industry of our customers and have adapted to the permanently increasing requirements. From one-man businesses to large industrial customers, our service package includes an extensive professional range as well as customised services, individually tailored to the requirements of each business.

We demonstrate reliability in our highly efficient logistics and distribution centre. With our delivery rate of 98.5%, all items are delivered to our customers' workshops, warehouses or construction sites within 24 to 48 hours.

FÖRCH Group Management

Andreas Pescht
It begins in 1963

Theo Förch has a well-paid, promising position as an engineer at the legendary engine manufacturer NSU. But the son of a farmer from Kochertürn can't shake one thought: if more and more cars are built, then more and more car workshops will have their hands full. The demand for screws and other small parts will increase dramatically. Theo Förch recognises this opportunity. And he is ambitious to seize it. In 1963 he founds the Theo Förch OHG.

The first company headquarters: a barn on his parents' property in Neuenstadt-Kochertürn. It is a storage room and office at the same time - and unfortunately also unheated. Hard times for Theo Förch and his comrades-in-arms. Every mark is turned over twice, incoming packaging material is collected and reused. The vehicle fleet at the company's site consists mainly of the brother's tractor. Down-to-earthness is the trump card. But the calculation works out. The screws and small parts find their buyers and the company is in the black - right from the start.

Not far from the barn where it all began is the headquarters of the internationally successful group of companies.

Expansion and internationalization

1963 he founded Theo Förch OHG and from then on served the automotive sector with small parts.

1965 internationalization began with the delivery of the first goods to Switzerland.

1966 the first sales branch was founded in Paderborn, which is now part of a Germany-wide supply network of over 33 FÖRCH sales branches.

1969 the first foreign subsidiary is founded in Verona (Italy). Today there are more than 22 companies in Europe and over 55 country representatives worldwide.

Generational succession and growth course

1992 the second generation, their son Wolfgang Förch, joined the management. Two years later his sister Birgit Förch also followed. In the same year, the construction division was opened up as an additional target group.

1998 a further signal of growth was given with the construction of a new administration building.

2002 the sales threshold of 100 million euros was exceeded, ushering in a new era of growth that is expected to bring in 500 million euros by 2020.

2006 a large company party was held in honor of Theo Förch's 70th birthday.

2007 the company founder experienced another special moment in his life: he was awarded the Economic Medal of the State of Baden-Württemberg, which is given in recognition of exemplary services to the state's economy.

Anniversary, digitalization and cross-channel strategy

2011FÖRCH was one of the first direct sales companies to introduce the iPad as a sales tool in the field. Digitalization is an integral part of development in the company, which is characterized by the cross-channel idea.

2013 the company's 50th anniversary will be celebrated in a big way. In keeping with the anniversary, sales exceeded the 300 million euro mark for the first time.

Even today, FÖRCH is still experiencing strong growth, which is impressively confirmed by major construction projects in addition to the sales figures.

2016 the Logistics Center II was put into operation at the Neuenstadt location.

Planning for Logistics Center III at the Boxberg location begins in 2018.

2021 another administration building in Neuenstadt will be ready for occupancy and the successful growth journey can be continued.