Long search times in the workshop or warehouse are not only annoying, they also cost a lot of time. Nevertheless, there is often not enough space, money, or simply time for the initial effort of planning, setting up, and stocking a well-structured storage system. With our VARO shelving system, we offer you an efficient solution for this and create a big plus in productivity in your everyday work.

Your sales consultant will work with you to plan an individual, space-saving VARO shelving system that is precisely tailored to your premises and requirements. This shelving concept is created in our 3D VARO planner so that you can get a concrete picture of your future warehouse during the planning stage.

Now our service really begins

Our assembly and storage experts - the VARO supporters - assemble the storage racks at your premises according to plan and also set them up completely. Of course, with clear labeling and, if desired, also with EAN barcode labels for quick recording of required products via VAROscan or our app. Your sales consultant will be happy to take care of the disposition of the consumables in the VARO shelf in close coordination with you. This means you always have the right amount of C-parts at hand and your head is free for more important things.

The best thing about it: you don't have to buy your VARO shelf. You simply rent it at favorable conditions.

Advantages of the VARO shelving system

Optimum service

  • visualized planning according to your requirements
  • professional assembly by our VARO supporter
  • clear labeling also with EAN barcodes
  • fixed reordering with VAROscan directly at the shelf
  • demand planning and takeover of disposition on request

Optimum use of space

  • individual and space-saving design
  • coordinated modules for product groups and packaging
  • easily expandable

Optimal cost reduction

  • no financing costs due to favorable rent
  • less time spent due to shorter distances
  • more effectiveness and minimization of process costs

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